Do you not have a scanner?

If you do not have a desktop scanner, the best system for digitalizing your documents. You can follow these simple instructions to use your Android mobile phone or iPhone to scan the documents, using the camera included in the device. Logically, this can be done with legible, high and clear quality documents that are comprised of few pages.

The best way to do this is to download a specific program that allows you to transfer your documents easily and with good quality to digital format. Begin by placing the pages side by side on a well illuminated table without shadows (including the hands that are holding the mobile phone).

We recommend the application called Office Lens since this is the scanner that we use for all documents to be translated.


Create digital files (PDFs) of your documents to be translated with Office Lens.

It is a free application available for all smartphone systems: Android, iOS and Windows phone.

It is from Microsoft and is guaranteed. Even though it is free, it forms part of MS Office. It is simple to use and, we repeat, free. All of this without taking up too much space on your phone.

Office Lens helps you scan your documents to be translated. This way, you can send them by the Internet.

Once you have scanned the document to be translated with this simple application, make sure that the text is legible. Then send us your document to can also attach the document from the form that you will find on this same page when you request the price quote.

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