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Business Translations

From all languages to all other languages
Product localization
From any form of computer support or format (PC o MAC)
In all standard graphic design programs (InDesign, Freehand, Illustrator, Photoshop, Coreldraw)
Fixed price quote, the rates are always computed per source word.

Document translations

Translation services from all languages to all other languages
All formats and all computer programs
Native-speaking translators from the target countries
Deadlines tailored to our clients' needs.
Fixed price quote, the rates are always computed per source word.
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Web page translations

Translations from all languages to all other languages
We work in all formats: HTML, WordPress, XML, Flash, etc. We also edit photographs in any format if necessary. Key word edition and localization for search engines (SEO). Coherence and content unification in different languages. We deliver the translated website by putting it directly into operation, up and running. We translate the Privacy Policy pages and other standard web pages.

Special service 24 hour urgent service No extra charge for texts with fewer than 1,000 words

We are Specialists in Official Sworn Translations

word count per source word

Word Count per source word

Our price quotes are always fixed, and there are no last minute surprises.

Personalized service

Personalized Service

Each customer is assigned their specific translator

Adherence to the original format

Adherence to the Original Format

We deliver our finished translations completed with the original format and layout.


Translating texts to English or to any other language is something more than just changing the words from one language to another. It requires time and knowledge regarding linguistics, culture and even, at times, technical and specific elements. For this reason, we recommend relying on specialized professionals to complete your professional translations quickly and accurately.

If you rely on an agency like Nexus Traducciones to complete your translations, you can rest assured that they will be understood in the target languages, maintaining the original message while adapting the language used to the destination needed. It is also in our best interests as a company to maintain our good image in our communications in other languages. This is why, for services that require translation from English to Spanish or to other languages, a translation service agency like ours offers reliability and diligence when it comes to the final product deadlines and quality. Contact us for true and reliable professional translation services whose specific characteristics are adapted to the needs of each client.

Professional technical translations

A professional translator has acquired his or her linguistic knowledge and the necessary translation and interpretation techniques through many years of training, continuous learning and is professionally certified for a specific language. It is an arduous task but one with a beautiful history: translating the essence, singular characteristics and richness from the source text to the target language. To complete such a complex task which may be tedious for some, we suggest that you trust the true translation professionals like our specific team of experts in document translations. You can be assured of a precise technical translation enriched with the particular elements required by the specific target language.

It is important that you entrust your translations to a team of professional translators and not just to someone who knows both languages. To guarantee a professional translation, all of the translators at Nexus Traducciones are professional official sworn translators and can assure the validity of the document or text translated.

In short, the main benefits of contracting our translation agency, be it for a company or for a private customer, are the speed, the professionalism, and the quality in every technical translation that we complete, regardless of the subject or size. That is why we are one of the most preferred agencies that offer official sworn translations. Our success is backed by the work we do for our clients. According to our clients, our service is synonymous of quality, professionalism and ultimately, of results:


Working with professional translators saves time. If we need a text or voice-over in various languages, the benefits are even more obvious. Thanks to the experience of our translators and their knowledge of languages, we are able to communicate perfectly in multiple languages and in a short amount of time. For example, French needs a quick and accurate specialized translator. The other languages also have their distinctive features, a fact that further exemplifies the ability of our experts in technical translations of documents and texts, thereby assuring professional and quick translation service.


Professionalism is, perhaps, the main difference in translation, especially when dealing with audiovisual translations. This reflects the training of the translators, who exclusively commit their skills and dedication to the task of translating. We must demand professionalism in all parameters of the assignment, from the completion of deadlines, the translation and correction, to the accuracy of the message. The coordination between our different experts and the diverse areas, and the complete supervision, quality control, and text revision makes Nexus Traducciones a unique professional translation company.


A well translated text has no errors. There are no mistakes that indicate its interpretation from an original text. The quality of work that a specialized interpreter provides is equivalent to a precise and correct translation. A professional translation saves us time and problems and any subsequent explanations or revisions of words, nuances, or any host of incidents that could occur if the translation is not correct. For example, if we need an English to Spanish translation, we should ask ourselves: are we able to deliver the translation with the speed, quality, and professionalism that it requires?

Official sworn translations

In the case of official sworn translations, these must meet certain linguistic and legal requirements. That is, the official sworn interpretations cannot be completed by just anyone who knows the language. Their completion requires specific knowledge and the corresponding credentials and certification.

In the world, there are a multitude of languages differentiated by countries, regions and cultural traditions. That is why we must adapt to the target language and to its sociocultural environment. In addition, we must make sure that the source text corresponds to the translated text in the target language. Contracting a professional for translations or transcriptions not only saves us time, it also assures quickly and accurately that the message is correct in another language. Let the professionals in translation services take care of your translations.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you are looking for professional translation and interpretation services with guaranteed results. We will promptly send you a personalized price quote, regardless of whether it is a translation from English-French, Spanish-English, French-Spanish...


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