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All of our Translators are Native-speaking and Bilingual Professionals. Because only a native speaker can perceive all the nuances of his or her language, know its most characteristic turns of phrase and give the text that special touch of his or her own. In addition to their mother tongue, they are fluent in our language and possess the certification and abundant experience required for each type of translation.

Official and sworn translators
English translator

Are you looking for a professional English translator?

Our services includetranslations from Spanish to English and from English to Spanish for all types of documents and certificates, simultaneous interpreters and official sworn English translators, among other services.

French translator

Are you looking for a professional French translator?

Our services include translations from Spanish to French and from French to Spanish for all types of documents and certificates, simultaneous interpreters and official sworn French translators, among other services.

German translator

Are you looking for a professional German translator ?

Our services include translations from Spanish to German and from German to Spanish for all types of documents and certificates, simultaneous interpreters and official sworn German translators, among other services.

Valencian language translator

Are you looking for a Valencian language translator?

Among others, our services include translation from Spanish to Valencian and from Valencian to Spanish for all types of documents or certificates, simultaneous interpreters and specialized translations.

Professional Translation Agency

Are you looking for a professional translation agency for a particular language?

We have translators of all languages: Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, Chinese, Russian, Danish, Bulgarian, etc. Please consult us with any questions. We are sure that we can help you.

Official sworn translators or interpreters

Are you looking for an official sworn translator?

From any language to Spanish and from Spanish to any other language. We can translate your University title, or any kind of Certificate, Contract or Legal Document, Bills, etc.

All of the official sworn translations are signed, sealed, and certified by an official sworn translator appointed by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation.

Urgent translator 24-hour service

Do you need an urgent translation?

For us, an urgent translation means reducing what would be normal deadlines as much as possible: we start translating immediately, we will assign several translators if necessary, we will translate outside working hours, at night, on Saturdays and holidays, etc. We do whatever is necessary to deliver your translation as soon as possible while maintaining the high-quality expected from a professional translation agency such as Nexus Traducciones.

Consecutive simultaneous translator

Are you looking for a simultaneous translator?

Nexus Traducciones is your Professional Agency for Simultaneous Translation and Interpretation:

We take care of all the necessary steps to transform your occasion into a global event. Whether it be in a hotel, at a trade fair, at an exhibition or in a recording studio; a meeting, a presentation, a press conference or an important visitor who speaks another language. In all its varieties: whispered, consecutive or simultaneous, beginning with the equipment, if necessary, and ending with the most qualified translator.

Professional transcription agency


Nexus Traducciones: 15 years of performing transcriptions with an accuracy rate of 98%. We guarantee professionalism and confidentiality in all of our assignments.

Audio transcription

Our transcription service will allow you to convert any audio or video recording to its written format. This acknowledgement in writing will allow you to consult, publish or inform about any live event such as conferences, congresses, court declarations, work groups, shareholder meetings, product presentations, video conferences, business meetings, etc.

We provide Sworn Official Translators in French, English, German and all languages.

We provide you with the best Translators in French, English, German, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Chinese, Arabic, and all languages.







We are Translators of French, English, German, Polish, Czech, Russian, Hungarian, Romanian, Serbian, Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, and all languages

We are not a web page that translates your texts; we are a team of specialists and of official sworn translators. The difference between an official sworn translator and a free online translator is clear: your translation will make sense to all native speakers. No one will ever realize that the text is a translation. And, in addition, we translate all languages in all directions: Spanish-French, French-Spanish, Spanish-English, English-Spanish...and many more!

Interpretation and translation Agency

As SPECIALISTS IN LEGAL TRANSLATION SERVICES , we are experts when working with the top law firms, corporate legal departments and court report agencies to provide translation services for legal disputes, contracts, intellectual property, regulatory compliance, insurance and human resources matters. Our service ofOfficial Sworn Translatorshighly specialized in legal translations of all types of contracts, power of attorney deeds, wills, divorce decrees or in the translation of any type of court sentence, corporate by-laws, lawsuits, etc. Follow the link for more information about our Legal Translator services.

Our LEGAL DIVISION specializes in interpreting at trials, hearings, depositions, arbitrations, mediations, and all types of attorney-client meetings. Our official sworn interpreters are certified by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, for the translation of all types of official certificates and for the presentation of translations before any government agency or institution (including Universities, Courts, Regional Councils or Ministries, etc.) We also provide official sworn interpreters for multiple legal procedures. This fact, added to our experience with legal matters, makes us the most cost-effective solution for all of your interpretation needs. More information about the legal translations.

Our Approach to Work

1. Contact and Quotation Request

Contact us by telephone, email, or by filling out the form that you will find on this page. Request a free, no-obligation price quote indicating the source and target languages, total number of words, and type of text.

2. Sending the Price quotation

We will send you the price quote on the same day, including the total amount of the translation, method of payment, and suggested delivery date. The word count is always based on the source language so there are no last minute surprises.

3. Confirmation and Translator Assignment

As soon as the email confirmation is received, we assign a translator to your project. For all similar language and text type assignments in the future, this will be your translator.

4. Translation, Glossary and Proofreading

The text is translated and then the first revision of the text is carried out. We create a glossary for each text to assure a homogeneity of terms for all future translations belonging to the same client.

5. Delivery of the work

Your translation will be sent by email or by certified mail (according to the specific case at hand) within the established time period, along with the corresponding invoice. Payment is made by bank transfer.


Professional translators of all languages

The importance of communication in other languages in Spain dates back to the 13th Century with the School of Translators in Toledo. In present times, in a global society where each language counts, translation and transcription agencies play a key role in the internationalization of businesses. In the 13th Century, the interpreted texts were of Greco-Latin, Arabic and Hebrew origin due to the influence and mixture of cultures in Imperial Toledo in the Middle Ages,. Nowadays, the businesses of professional translators and sworn translators, aware of the degree of development and influence of each country and each culture in today's society, has developed different services to ease the communication in other languages, through the services of translations or transcription they offer.

In this sense and with the development of search engines and the Internet, our translation company provides high quality documents that are faithful to the original texts and adapted to the culture of each country. Organic positioning (SEO), the multilingual websites, creative copies ... In this day and age, mastering a culture and recognizing the idiomatic differences between cultures is no easy task. To depict and adapt this knowledge in words is one of the biggest challenges in this modern world that moves at breath-taking speed, from north to south and from east to west.

You can find us in:

Professional translator

Our professional translators are fully qualified to offer the following services:

  • Business translations:

In an offline setting (for example, the translation of business catalogs or original products to other languages ) as well as online. But it is here where, within the last few years, synergies have proliferated, therefore creating a worldwide demand for this profession. Knowing various languages has always been a positive quality for any business, especially when dealing with companies with a strong technological base and with international ambitions. In this process of opening frontiers and in e-commerce in general, there is a great need for professionals who are able to identify linguistic barriers and adapt them to a specific language. Newsletters, informative bulletins, creative copies, high quality content... A complete portfolio driven towards increasing conversion speed and customer loyalty among potential customers.

All of our translators are native speakers of the target language. Only a native speaker can control and understand all the characteristic features of a language.

As we pointed out in the previous section, the international calling for businesses to reach out beyond their established frontiers requires the collaboration of bilingual personnel, highly qualified individuals who are capable of developing a translation project whose perfect grammar and spelling demonstrates the complete control of the language.

We adapt your texts to the specific cultural context required: formats, timetables, dates, weights and measures, etc. Of course, this service is available in any language. We will adapt your software to the specific region, not only by completing the text translation but also by adding the distinct components.

  • Document translation

A true classic that never goes out of style. A cover letter, a curriculum vitae or resume, and even a written offer to extend your business to international suppliers or to obtain affiliates for a business project. Our professional translators guarantee the complete control of idiomatic expressions, and they are the only ones who are capable of completing such a high-quality project. Do not entrust the creation of an important project to online translators.

An official sworn translator from Nexus Traducciones guarantees the integrity, precision, and loyalty of the translated text with the original, by means of the seal, signature, and certification. In such a way that the translated document is valid before any public agency or university, both Spanish and European. We can translate your University Degree, Diploma or any other Certificate, Contract, Legal Act or Document, Invoices, Family Registers or Birth Certificates, etc.

Some sectors such as textile, automotive or pharmaceutical require the specialization of the language and jargon to make sure that the translations are clearly legible and accurate depictions of the original content. As for instruction manuals, how many times have we come across unintelligible instruction manuals?

According to our standards, an urgent translation means reducing our normal delivery times as much as possible. We begin the translation immediately and assign various translators to the task if necessary. We translate outside of our hours of operation, at night, on Saturdays and holidays, etc. We do whatever is necessary to make sure that your translation is delivered as soon as possible.

  • Literary translations :

The publishing industry and book sales (not only fiction but also essays and technical books) are in great need of these types of translations. To do this job, you must not only master the languages involved. You must also possess high quality writing skills and compose flawless prose in order to produce excellent literature.

In a global context, it is quite common to hold video conferences or debates about specific reports or documents. In order to speed up the processes and to overcome specific linguistic barriers, businesses frequently need translations to facilitate group member communication and cohesion, especially if these members come from all different areas of the world. The creation and translation of subtitles or voice-overs in different languages is included in this method.

Although it is a complex procedure that requires a lot of effort, expertise and professionalism on the part of the simultaneous translator, you no longer need to be the UN to hire this kind of service for your events, speeches, conferences or meetings. Nexus Traducciones provides you with this service in the most professional and cost-effective way possible.

Over the past few years, there has been an increasing demand for translations from Mandarin Chinese due to its export capacity and the important role of the giant Asian country as one of the major leaders in world economy. Nevertheless, English and Spanish are still the leading principal languages due to their high-ranking consumer markets.

A sworn official translator from Nexus Traducciones.

guarantees the integrity, accuracy and loyalty of the translation with the original text.

by means of the seal, signature and certification.

traductor jurado

Official sworn translators

As public notaries, the official sworn translators are in charge of certifying the accuracy and fidelity of all types of translations. These translators, with their signature endorsed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, are the only authorized translators of these official documents.

Without this seal, said documents or texts are not legally valid. Nexus Traducciones' team of professionals is made up of more than 180 translators, among whom are
sworn translators and sworn translation
of sworn translations.

Official sworn translator

An official translator or an official sworn translator is essential, not only because of the legal validity of the specified document but also because of the quality and compliance with the planned and agreed upon deadlines. Contact an agency of official sworn translators, offering you a professional translation service in any language you need.

Why choose us? The combination of these terms brings up the idea of uniting two distinct languages and cultures with a bridge, the translation, a process that is our passion. With clarity and precision, we transfer the text in one language to another language while maintaining the unique and charming elements of both. We are moved and motivated by our passion for language, by each hidden intricacy that every language provides, and the daily pleasure that we get from our continuous improvement. We always keep the customer in mind; we are professionals in the field of translation; and we fully believe in our work. In Nexus Traducciones, we are at your service.

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