Are you looking for an official sworn translator?

You will find one here, from any language to Spanish and from Spanish to any other language.

An official sworn translator from Nexus Traducciones:

Guarantees the integrity, accuracy, and fidelity of the translation with the original text through the certified stamp and signature.

The translated document is thereby valid before any Spanish or European public agency or university.

We translate your University Degree or any other Certificate, Contract, Legal Deed or Document, Invoice, Family Record Book, Diploma, etc.

Official sworn translator of the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs

In just a few minutes, we will send you the price quote and delivery time.

We are also available by phone; we are located in Valencia.

All official sworn translations are signed, stamped, and certified by an official sworn translator appointed by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation..

Official sworn translator of the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs

We can provide you with the best official sworn translators of French, English, German, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Chinese, Arabic, and all languages.

Most common civil sworn translations:

  • Criminal Record Certificates

  • Recommendation Letters

  • Death Certificates

  • Disability Certificates

  • Social Security Certificates

  • Census Certificates

  • Marriage Certificates

  • Birth Certificates

  • Medical Certificates

  • Medical Records

  • Tax Certifications

  • National Identity Cards (DNI)

  • Car Invoices

  • Powers of Attorney

  • Passports

  • Family Registers

  • Civil Status Certificates

  • Divorce Settlements

  • Monthly Paystubs

Most common academic sworn translations:

  • Academic Records

  • University Degrees

  • High School Diplomas

  • Academic Transcripts

Most common business sworn translations:

  • Contracts

  • Court Rulings

  • Annual Accounts

  • Patents

  • Commercial Registry Certificates

  • Court Orders

  • Balance Sheets

  • Tax Identification Numbers (NIF)

  • Monthly Paystubs

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Official Sworn Tranlators Agency

We have Official Sworn Translators of French, English, German, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, Swedish, Dutch, Polish, Czech, Serbian, Japanese, Chinese, Arabic...

From all languages to Spanish and from Spanish to all other languages...

Our Approach to Work

1. Send us your scanned documents

Contact us by telephone, email, or by filling out the form that you will find on this page. Request a free, no-obligation price quote indicating the source and target languages, total number of words, and type of text.

2. We will send you a no-obligation price quote.

We will send you a free, no-obligation price quote on the same day, including the total price of the translation, the method of payment, and the proposed delivery date from the time of approval.

3. Confirmation and Translator Assignment

As soon as the email confirmation is received, we assign a translator to your project. For all similar language and text type assignments in the future, this will be your translator.

4. Translation at the agreed upon time

The sworn translation in the corresponding language is always finished within the agreed-upon time frame. It is revised and certified by the sworn translator with his or her stamp and signature.

5. Delivery of the official sworn translation

You can pick up your sworn translation at our offices or you can have it delivered to your home (we will send it to you by registered mail or courier) by the agreed deadline, together with the corresponding invoice. Payment is made in person when you pick up the translation or by bank transfer if it is sent to you by mail/messenger.

For official sworn translations, the original document is not necessary. A scanned copy is perfectly valid for completing the official sworn translation.

"They told me that I needed the Hague Apostille, and I don´t know what it is..."

The Apostille of the Hague clearly explained

As sworn translators, we often work with official documents. Due to the numerous doubts and questions that we receive regarding the Apostille, we have created this information page giving a simple explanation of all the details regarding the Apostille of the Hague.

If you do not have a scanner to send us your documents for their official translation, follow the instructions in the link below:

Official Sworn Translators

Official Sworn Translators

Professional translator

Only our professional translators are capable of providing the service of:

Official Sworn Translators

As public notaries, the official sworn translators are in charge of certifying the accuracy and fidelity of all types of translations. These translators, with their signature endorsed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, are the only authorized translators of these official documents.

Without this seal, said documents or texts are not legally valid. The team of professionals at Nexus Traducciones is comprised of more than 180 translators, including official sworn translators and certified professional translators.

We are not a web page that translates your texts; we are a team of specialists and of official sworn translators. The difference between an official sworn translator and a free online translator is clear: your translation will make sense to all native speakers. No one will ever realize that the text is a translation. In addition, we translate in any direction in all languages: Spanish-French, French-Spanish, Spanish-English, English-Spanish.

Official sworn translator of the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Official sworn translator

An official translator or a sworn translator is essential, not only because of the legal validity of the specified document but also because of the quality and compliance with the planned and agreed upon deadlines. Contact an agency of official sworn translators, offering you a professional translation service in any language you need.

Why choose us? The combination of these terms brings up the idea of uniting two distinct languages and cultures with a bridge, the translation, a process that is our passion. With clarity and precision, we transfer the text in one language to another language while maintaining the unique and charming elements of both. We are moved and motivated by our passion for language, by each hidden intricacy that every language provides, and the daily pleasure that we get from our continuous improvement. We always keep the customer in mind; we are professionals in the field of translation; and we fully believe in our work. In Nexus Traducciones, we are at your service.

Official sworn translator of the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs

When is an official sworn translator necessary?

It is quite common for government agencies to request certain documents for specific procedures. If the original documents are in a different language, the applicant will be requested to provide an official sworn translation of this document.

There is only one official sworn translation valid in Spain, and it is provided by an official sworn translator endorsed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation. The sworn translator holds the same status as an official notary public, certifying with his or her signature and seal that the translation is the same as the original document. This stamp legally validates all documents presented to all public institutions, such as courts, ministries, universities, embassies, etc.

When processing official documents in other countries, official sworn translations of official Spanish documents are often required, such as translations of university degrees, criminal records, marriage certificates, birth certificates, etc.

In summary:

It is important to know that as these are official documents and that the administrative and government offices will only accept the original sworn translations.Copies of the sworn translations are not considered valid and therefore will not be accepted.

A sworn translation is valid for three years. However, this period of validity is always subject to the validity of the original document. For example, the Spanish certificate of criminal records is only valid for three months.

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