Do you need to translate a Legal Document? Are you looking for Professional legal Translators? If you are looking for a legal translator, at Nexus Traducciones we also have a team of professional legal translators. The field of professional legal translation requires a high degree of specialization in the subject due to its complexity. Not only does it require the standard work of a translator. The translator must also be a professional who possesses a profound knowledge of all the legislative intricacies. Any errors in this type of document can have very serious consequences.

A good legal translation requires having specific knowledge regarding the precise content of the document in question. The translator must also understand the different technical terms, the significance of the text as a whole and the connections between the different elements. A misplaced preposition or any change in the structure of the sentences could bring about disastrous consequences for the client. This is when it is absolutely necessary to hire there services of a professional and specialized legal translation service. A service of professional legal translators like ours, who we are pleased to have in our agency, Nexus Traducciones.

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What are some of the documents that a legal translator with Nexus Traducciones usually translates? Any legal documents that require the services of a legal translator, including Company Statutes, deeds, and contracts of all kinds, powers of attorney, wills, lawsuits, court citations and rulings, police records and certificates and all types of legal deeds.

If, for the sake of safety, you would like an official sworn translation, just ask, we have official sworn translators for all languages into Spanish. Official sworn translations ensure confidentiality because they may only be revised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or by another sworn translator.

Legal translations

Legal translations are included within the field of Law. As such, their texts are very complex and their translation requires a profound knowledge of the distinct technicalities as well as the intricacies of the source and target languages.

Many legal translations must be translated by an official sworn translator in order for them to be legally valid official sworn translations. This is why it is a task that requires an extremely meticulous translation carried out by professional translators in each language.

At Nexus Traducciones our group of professional translators, specialists in legal translations, have extensive experience in legal material and other essential matters that comprise the translation profession. Avoid the risks and count on our professional legal translation service. We ensure accuracy and the complete guarantee that your translation will be free of errors, thereby avoiding any undesired consequences. Keep in mind that any incorrectly translated clause in a contract or any other document could bring about mistakes that are very expensive to correct, even if they appear to be minor errors. Even a punctuation mark can change the meaning of a whole sentence. Take no risks. Count on the true professionals who know the specifics of all legal translations.

It is our main goal in every project to make sure that each and every one of our clients is satisfied with our work. Even more so in the case of legal translations, which require extremely delicate and meticulous work. That is why the review and proofreading processes as well as the coordination among our professionals is so important. We work alongside the client, identifying and solving every necessity required by the project, Of course, we are also open to discuss various proposals when agreeing on the price quote as well as establishing the delivery date in accordance with the document's urgency. Legal documents vary according to the language and to the location, which is why we work with the legal translation experts in all combinations of languages required by the documents.

If you are searching for assistance with your legal translations, we are here to help you. When it comes to a topic as detailed as legal translations, don't take any chances. is a company that is specialized in legal translations as well as many other types of translations. Our professional team is qualified to translate any document required by law firms, auditors, insurance companies, banks, consultancies and legal or financial departments. Contact us to find out more about our legal translation agency or with any questions or doubts that you may have.