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Textual adaptations from Latin American Spanish to Castilian Spanish

Spanish is now the mother tongue of more than 400 million people. It is the second most widely spoken language in the world, the first being Chinese. It is also the third most widely used language in communication media and on the Internet. Its importance in the cultural, economic, touristic and scientific sectors of the entire world is undeniable. And yet, when hiring the company to do the translation, it is imperative that you keep in mind the geographic location of the readers and listeners who are being addressed.

The difference between Castilian Spanish and Latin American Spanish is comparable to the difference between the English spoken in Great Britain and the English spoken in the United States. For instance, a text written in Latin American Spanish will surprise a Castilian Spanish reader for its use of personal pronouns, verb tenses and conjugations, grammatical gender and of specific words that are characteristic of Latin American countries.

The reality is that a text, both written and spoken, will eventually be understood by the reader or listener with either more or less difficulty. The real difference lies in how much of an impression we want to make on our audience, which is why it is important to keep in mind the final destination of our speech when we are looking for its translator. Our reader or listener will internalize and appreciate the message more if they think it was written specifically for them. That is why, in Nexus Traducciones translation company we specialize in translations from Latin American Spanish to Castilian Spanish and vice-versa.

Spanish translations

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In our agency, all of our translations are written by human beings who use natural language that takes into account the geographic location of the final destination of the message. We provide personalized and detailed translations for our clients, thereby achieving much greater results than if we were to write a simple, standard translation.

Through our wide variety of translation services, we cover all of our clients' possible needs and requirements. From professional translations of all writing styles to dubbing, subtitles, and transcriptions.


We perform professional translations of all type of texts with Castilian Spanish as the source or target language. Our professionals are native speakers of the target language who possess a bilingual knowledge of Spanish. All of them, of course, are fully qualified and experienced in dealing with all types of text.


As we mentioned before, if we really want to influence our audience, the speech must be delivered in their mother tongue and contain the particular nuances of their geographical location. This is why we work with an excellent team of professional linguists who ensure that their translations capture even the smallest subtleties of the language to create flawless results.


We transcribe all types of audio and video files in Latin American Spanish, Castilian Spanish, and other languages with the experience and professionalism of our native speaking translators. Conferences, sales meetings, press conferences, interviews, etc. We accept and take on all types of assignments.

Audio and Video

Publicity, full-length films, series, conferences, documentaries, etc. In Nexus Traducciones, you will find the services you need, both subtitling and dubbing for all video styles.

We also provide translation services from English, French, and Portuguese to Spanish and vice-versa.

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